Śabda-sudhā is a series dedicated to understanding Sanskrit words with their etymology, translation, examples from various Sanskrit texts and simple examples, synonyms etc. This blog aims to help the readers make the right usage of Sanskrit word at the right place.

Śabda-sudhā - असकृत्

Name of the Series:

शब्दसुधा – Śabda-sudhā – Sanskrit Snapshot

Category: अव्ययम् (Indeclinable words)

Word: असकृत्

Description of the word: न सकृत् । सकृत् इत्यस्य एकवारम् इत्यर्थः ।

Meaning in English: not (only) once, often, and repeatedly.


भक्ताः असकृत् देवालयं गच्छन्ति ।

Devotees often go to the temple.

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