Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula for Indic Wisdom

Welcome to the maternal home of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya, the great Spiritual General, and the torch-bearer of the renaissance of reason and logic. It is fitting that this is the home of the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth.

Here, set amidst God’s Own Country, scholars and Swamis have mingled for several years undertaking research, and organizing workshops focused on Sanskrit, Vedanta, Yoga and other allied fields.

When you come here as a student, you get enchanted by the beauty even as you become part of a caring family.

This campus is named in honour of a long-term devotee, member and patron of the global Chinmaya Mission, the late Shri G.V. Eswar.

Academic programmes at Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula

Few will doubt the antiquity and importance of Sanskrit. Fewer still will doubt that the language has a breadth and depth of literature, both secular and spiritual, unmatched by any other extant language. Also, none will dispute the value of the knowledge available. Therefore, not surprisingly, there are many young Indians keen to get acquainted with their heritage, and to understand what role it can play in solving some of today’s vexing problems. There is a widespread understanding internationally that Ancient Indian Knowledge Traditions such as linguistics, mathematics, arts and yoga have global applicability. However, the available educational systems are not geared to reach this in a meaningful way to students. Chinmaya University (CU) seeks to address this unfulfilled need through its educational programmes.

Our goal at CU is to help restore pride and confidence among youngsters and make them knowledgeable citizens by providing them with a sound understanding of Ancient Indian Knowledge traditions, along with modern subjects, and their practical applications. We visualize a CU graduate who is self-confident, proud of his/her legacy and passionate, who will be ready to contribute to nation building by taking useful roles in multiple sectors of the economy ranging from education to business.

Why should you consider the CU Programmes?

CU programmes are not driven merely by the goal of seeking jobs. In addition to making our graduates employable, we are also keen to make them follow their passion and heartfelt desires. Our belief is that only such an education can make a person successful in the long run. If you have any of these long-pending aspirations in you, CU programmes are tailored for you:

  • Have you always wanted to know how ancient Indian Knowledge tradition can be applied in today’s society?
  • Do you want to have a good understanding of Sanskrit language and its usefulness even if you wanted to work in a modern-day enterprise?
  • Do you want to seriously pursue the application potential of Ancient Indian Knowledge traditions?

Unique positioning of the programmes

The available educational programmes belong to two extremes:

  • At one end of the spectrum are the pure Sanskrit programmes, which introduce ancient knowledge systems and Sanskrit language. However, they are unable to dovetail the students into the mainstream, nor are they able to show the application potential of ancient Indian knowledge systems. This introduces several challenges for graduating students, primary being that of securing gainful employment.
  • At the other end of the spectrum are a myriad of programmes pertaining to modern sciences, technology, arts and management, which are offered as a pure job-seeking education. While the graduating students are able to secure jobs, they are not equipped enough to handle stress and suffer from mental and physical health problems. Since they have no exposure to ancient knowledge traditions, they suffer from lack of self-confidence and pride. They are also denied of an opportunity to benefit from the valuable insights from Ancient Indian Wisdom.

The programmes offered at CU are unique in closing this gap. Every student who goes through the programmes will be equipped with skills in modern streams while rooted in traditional systems of knowledge. The programmes will develop in the students a sound understanding of Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Knowledge and their contemporary application potential. Armed with this valuable knowledge he/she will be exposed to some of the modern day subjects in the areas of psychology/sociology, computer applications, communication, environment, business, government and society. This ensures that the students are fully developed, confident and proud of their own heritage and knowledge systems. Moreover they will be able to face the demands of the modern day work.

Our programmes are driven by our core values and vision: spirituality, purity, practicality and innovation. We believe that our students will be greatly benefited by these aspects.

The Path ahead for a CU Graduate

The inputs provided through the programmes are carefully chosen and delicately balanced to enable a broader set of options for the student. A graduate of CU will have multiple options to pursue in his/her life:

  • Take up a further and more in-depth study of Sanskrit and Ancient Indian knowledge tradition leading to PG and Ph D level degrees and to eventually become a torch bearer of Ancient Indian Knowledge tradition through teaching and research
  • Broaden their skill set in modern-day subjects of Management, Psychology, Sociology etc. by pursuing PG programmes before taking up employment
  • Join Public/Private Sector enterprises and contribute to self-development as well as nation building
  • Be an entrepreneur in the social or business domain and contribute to their as well as the nation’s wealth


Dr. Shrinivasa Varakhedi
Honorary Dean, Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula
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Dr. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, is an eminent scholar in Sanskrit, Vedānta and Nyāya and has undertaken significant research in Natural Language Processing.

Programmes @ CEG
BA (Sanskrit-Vyakarana)
BA (Sanskrit-Darsanas)
BBA (Indian Knowledge Traditions & Business Administration)
BCom (Indian Knowledge Traditions & Commerce)
MA (Sanskrit and Indian Knowledge Traditions)
Integrated Master (Sanskrit - Vyakarana)
Integrated Master (Sanskrit - Advaita Vedanta)

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