Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula for Performing Arts

A spiritually charged environment in which to experience Art

Swami Tejomayananda envisioned Chinmaya Naada Bindu (CNB) to propagate the wisdom of the Vedas through the performing arts. Inaugurated in 2009, CNB provides a residential Gurukula lifestyle rooted in India’s cultural and spiritual heritage. It is the home of residential workshops, extended arts-intensives, sadhana-retreats as well as academic courses in Indian performing arts. CNB also hosts one of the most prominent annual performing arts festivals in the country.

Nestled within the 65-acre campus of Chinmaya Vibhooti in the village of Kolwan near Pune, India, the CNB campus is equipped with multiple classrooms, a wood-floored dance studio, multipurpose halls, residential rooms, and a 1008 capacity air-conditioned auditorium. The two majestic temples for Hanuman and Pranava Ganesh provide meditative spaces.

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Academic Programmes at Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula

One of the areas that Ancient Indians studied in great depth and wrote treatises on is the performing arts. The art forms of dance, theatre and music, were closely interwoven with Sanskrit and folk traditions, and it was a space through which the values of life were called out. The performative tradition in Indian culture had behind it the depth of the philosophy of existence itself and was viewed as something far more than just an art, as is known in the existing academic world. From time immemorial these art forms have been handed down the generations through a well-established guru – shishya parampara. Today’s university system needs to blend with the guru-shishya parampara in an integrated fashion for a budding performing artist.

A good understanding of Sanskrit and Ancient Indian Knowledge Traditions is very crucial for a performing artist. Our goal at Chinmaya University (CU) is to create fully rounded artists, by providing them with a sound understanding of Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Knowledge traditions. They will also be taught the practical applications of ancient knowledge along with modern subjects. We visualize a CU graduate to be self-confident, proud of his/her legacy and passionate, who will be ready to contribute to the dissemination of the art form in several ways.

Why should you consider the CU Programmes?

CU programmes are not driven merely by the goal of teaching some art forms in a limited sense of theory and practice. In addition to making our graduates true artists, we are also keen to make them fulfil their inherent passion and heartfelt desires. Our belief is only such an education can make a person fully developed and successful in the long run. If you have any of these long pending aspirations in you, CU programs are tailored for you:

  • Have you always believed that music or dance will truly bring out the best in you and provide you inner happiness and peace?
  • Have you always wanted to become a torch bearer of your chosen art form by mastering it and delivering multiple performances as a means of disseminating it to the general public?
  • Do you want to benefit from performing arts pioneered with spiritual content as its backbone?
  • Do you desire to benefit from a platform where great maestros and senior artists display their expertise to an audience of students on a regular basis?

Unique positioning of the programmes

The available educational programmes in the arena of performing arts have not been very effective in producing a performing artist from the university system. This is primarily on account of it not being blended seamlessly with the gurukula system of education. The programmes offered at CU are unique in bridging this gap. Every student who goes through the programme will be equipped with a sound understanding of Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Knowledge and their contemporary application potential. Further, the entire pedagogy will be anchored in the gurukula system, providing ample opportunity for the student to gain experience through learning from established gurus and through actual performances. This valuable knowledge will also be supplemented with some of the modern day subjects in the areas of psychology/sociology, mathematics, computer applications, communication, environment, business, sound engineering, event management, governance and society. This ensures that the students are developed fully, confident and proud of their own heritage and knowledge systems. Moreover they will be able to face the demands of the modern day audience.

Our programmes are driven by our core values and vision: spirituality, purity, practicality and innovation. We believe that our students will be greatly benefited by these aspects.

The Path ahead for a CU Graduate

The inputs provided through the programs are carefully chosen and delicately balanced to enable a broader set of options for the student. A graduate of CU will have multiple options to pursue in his/her life:

  • To develop into a full-fledged artist in the chosen form along with the ability to teach by developing through a main career of teaching and delivering performances
  • To equip themselves to engage in a variety of professions such as sound engineering, arts journalism, event management, stagecraft, movie-making, teaching, etc
  • Take up a further and more in-depth study of the chosen art forms, leading to Ph D level degree and to eventually become a torch bearer of this knowledge through teaching, and research


pramodini rao
Smt. Pramodini Rao Campus & Academic Director, Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula
Pramodini Rao is a passionate singer, composer and director of various theme-based shows, with several devotional albums to her credit.

Programmes @ CNBG
PG Diploma in Bharatanatyam
Integrated Masters in Music

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