Degrees – CNBG

The programmes offered at the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula campus of Chinmaya University (CU) specialize in the Performing Arts, with an aim to blend the Gurukula style of teaching with an array of subjects from Indian Knowledge Traditions as well as contemporary streams. The programme design allows every student to develop unique skills and expertise in the performing arts field.

PG Diploma in Bharatanatyam
This 1-year residential diploma programme is for all dancers, choreographers and teachers who wish to revitalize their craft. It is innovatively designed to nurture students through four phases: a) Prepare, b) Cultivate, c) Imagine, d) Present. Through interactive learning and mentoring, students are guided in taking their dance practice to the next level in performance and creation.

Integrated Masters – MA Music (Acharya)
Programmes Offered
Acharya – Hindustani Vocal
Acharya – Hindustani Violin
Acharya – Hindustani Bansuri
Acharya – Tabla

This is an Integrated Masters programme, wherein the student plans for a 5-year stay, earning a dual degree. Students need to earn 160 credits at the end of five years. If a student opts for early exit at the end of 3 years, he gains a Bachelor’s Degree (Shastri) earning 100 credits. There are multiple categories of courses on offer and each student needs to take a set of courses to make up for the required credit for the award of the degree.

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