Summer Arts Intensive – Music is a 7-day residential immersion programme by Chinmaya University that is conducted at the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula campus. Students can enrol for Hindustani vocal, Bansuri or Tabla streams. These intensives cover the techniques and technicalities of Indian classical music through daily personal training, practice sessions, lecture-demonstrations and performances.  …

Emerging Issues for Teaching, Research and Applications Sanskrit, as a language, is often referred to as one of the most ancient and the mother of several languages in the Indo-European group of Languages. Sanskrit holds the key to the treasure house of Ancient Indian knowledge. Ancestral Indian Wisdom has been captured and preserved through Sanskrit in several works…

Sanātana Dharma – the heart of Indian civilization and culture – finds its roots in the eternal awareness of one’s own Self as documented in the Vedas. Some cultures have only scriptures as their foundations (e.g. the Semitic religions). Some others have only the epics (e.g. the Greeks). Few others,no literatureis known(e.g. early Pagan traditions)….

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