Summer School 2017 – Vyasa ~ Valmiki ~ Kalidasa

SS2017Sanātana Dharma – the heart of Indian civilization and culture – finds its roots in the eternal awareness of one’s own Self as documented in the Vedas.

Some cultures have only scriptures as their foundations (e.g. the Semitic religions). Some others have only the epics (e.g. the Greeks). Few others,no literatureis known(e.g. early Pagan traditions). In the Indian culture where we have both the scripture (Veda) and the epics (Rāmāyaṇa, Mahābhārata). A greater beauty lies in transcending these texts and our great works teach this too.Unique to the Indian culture is the unbroken heritage of epic culture that is deeply rooted in the ethos of all strata of society. The compositions of Vālmīki, Vyāsa, and Kālidāsa appeal to the learned and the laity alike. They help us reconcile the paradox of matter and energy at the level of physics, Śiva (Prakāśa or Brahman) and Śakti (Vimarśa or Māyā) at the level of metaphysics. Students of Indian culture who read through the works of these great poets will never see a conflict between the so-called classical and non-classical, eternal and temporal, or spiritual andsecular; unlike in some other cultures, these are not seen as eternal conflicts.

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