Talks by Prof. Makarand Paranjape

Professor Makarand Paranjape from JNU will be coming to CEG on ​​Friday and Saturday, Nov. 3-4, to address the MA students in their Research Methods and Theory course as well as the faculty and wider CEG and CIF community on the topic of ​​”Modes of Critical Enquiry” in two talks.​​ The first will be on Friday at 2pm in Gurudev’s shrine, and the second will be on Saturday at 12pm in Sarasvati Sabha. The two talks will be interrelated. The first will be a talk based on a reading exercise, which is the concluding chapter of Adluri & Bagchee’s ​​Nay Science, “Gandhi on the Gita”​ (attached)​, where Professor Paranjape will guide the the students on methods of critique, using the reading as the subject of the critique. The second talk will follow a looser interactive session, and will be targeted at faculty members to help hone our critical skills. ​​Faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend both sessions.

Professor Makarand Paranjape is a professor of English at JNU, New Delhi, Centre for English Studies. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at various institutions around the world for over 35 years. He has published over 175 academic papers in various refereed journals and edited books within the country and internationally. In addition, he is the author of several poems and short stories, over 500 essays, book reviews, and occasional pieces in academic and popular periodicals in India and abroad.