5 Year Integrated Master in Percussion (Tabla)

The Integrated Masters is a 5-year Integrated Dual Degree programme that is designed to enable students to post-graduate as Masters in their subject specialisation. Being traditional Gurukula Mode offerings, the degree nomenclature will enable students to complete their post-graduation as Acharyas. Design is also underway for offering early exit, i.e. at the end of 3 years, with a Bachelors’ Degree (Shastri).

Music has a sacred bearing on human lifestyle, nay, even on plant and animal life. For the practitioner, it is an art as well as science. In India, the treasure of this knowledge has passed on from one generation to another in the aural tradition for years together. The purity and beauty of the tradition has been maintained to a great extent because of the Gurukula tradition, where the Guru would personally mould the disciple into a performer.
When music got introduced in the classrooms, it was made available to the public. While there was standardization and formalization of music, the intimate teaching and learning experience of the Gurukula style was slowly diluted.
This Integrated Masters in performing arts in different disciplines is intended to have the best of both, the Gurukula Mode as well as the modern-day college/university models.

Performance-oriented study and practice of select Raagas/Taalas will be undertaken along with supporting theoretical aspects of the subject. Due importance will be given to subjects like Sanskrit, English, Indian Knowledge Systems and other Foundation Course subjects.

5-year Integrated Master in Percussion
Acharya (Tabla)

The following topics will be covered:

Taala Sadhana; Riyaaz techniques & phrases; Practice in different speeds; Language of the instrument; Taala Notating; Common Singing Class, etc.

General Study of Taalas
Between 2 & 3 Taalas will be taken up in each semester for general study, with technical information.

Detailed Study of Taalas
1 or 2 Taalas will be studied in detail in each semester, with technical information, Kayada, Rela, Tukada, Chakradaar, Peshkars, etc.

Allied Skills
Accompaniment to vocal and instrumental music, tuning of tanpura and tabla, notation reading, writing etc.

Origin & History of Music; Musical Terms; Thaat System; Rhythm; Raaga-Time Theory; Gharanas and its Practitioners; Musical Instruments; Biographies of Musicians & Musicologists; Importance of Tanpura; Notation System; Classification of Ragas in different periods; Carnatic Music; Comparison between Forms of Music in both styles; Effect of Technology on Music; Saarana Chatushtaya; Voice Culture; Poetry & Meter in Compositions; Music & Fine Arts; Musical Treatises; Raaga & Rasa; Aesthetics; Comparing between Similar Raagas; Dhrupad Banis; Indian Folk Music; Note Intervals on 36” Veena String; Frequency Measurement of Swaras; Vedic Music & Instruments; Musical References in the Epics & Puranas; Concert Report Writing; Western Music & Staff Notation; Physics of Sound; Sound Recording & Editing, etc.


DETAILED STUDY – 1 Riyaaz techniques & phrases; Single, double, triple, quadruple in Teentaal Riyaaz

techniques & phrases; Dedhgun,

Tigun, Chhegun and Aathgun in Teentaal

Riyaaz techniques

& phrases; Single, double, triple, quadruple in Jhaptaal

Riyaaz techniques & Phrases in Ajrada and Farukhabad Riyaaz techniques & phrases in Poorab style; Single, double, triple, quadruple in Roopak Comparitive study of playing techniques in different gharanas
DETAILED STUDY – 2 Teental-Small Kayada of Tita and Dhatit, Rela, Tukada and small Tihayees Teental- Delhi Kayada(tita, tirakita), Rela-Dhintirakitataka),

Tukdas, Chakradaar and Tihayees

Teental- Kayada (Traka, kdadhatita), Rela (Dhirdhir),Tukda (Farukhabad). Jhaptaal-Kayada Teental- Tisra Jati Kayada, Tripalli, Gat, Chakradaar, Banarasi baant. Jhaptaal-Kayada, Rela, Tukda. Teental- Delhi Peshkar, Poorab Kayada, Rela (Dhingin),Gat & Paran. Roopak-Kayada, Tukda & Tihayees Teental- Farukhabad peshkar, Poorab/Farukhabad kayada. Ektal- Kayada, Rela, Tukda & Tihayees
GENERAL STUDY – TAAL PARICHAY Ektaal, Chautaal,Dadra, Keherwa Jhumra, Dhamaar, Jhaptaal Roopak, Deepchandi,Simple Laggis in Keherwa, Adachautaal,Laggis in Keherwa and Dadra Dhamaar-Paran & tukda, Sitarkhani theka, Jat,Matta(9), Chartaal ki sawari(11) Comparitive study of different taalas studied before.  Pancham sawari(15),
ADDITIONAL   Tabla and Tanpura tuning Vocal accompaniment Notation reading, writing and listening tests Instrumental accompaniment Vocal & Instrumental accompaniment

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