Nagendra Pavana R N

Nagendra Pavana R N
Assistant Professor
School of Vedic Knowledge Systems

Nagendra Pavana studied Vyākaraṇa śāstra  in traditional system since childhood. He has studied in both prācīnā and navya systems of Vyākaraṇa śāstra from renowned scholars. Having completed his M.A. (Vidwat uttama) from Karanataka Samskrit University with first rank, he is corrently persuing his Ph.D on the topic “pātañjala-mahābhāṣye bahusamādhānasthaleṣu samādhānayuktīnāṁ prābalyadaurbalyavivekaḥ” from the same university. Nagendra has been teaching prominent works in the subeject for last 12 years, both formally and informally. He worked in ‘Vyoma Linguistic Labs’ and contributed in deviloping e-learining tools for saṁskr̥t. Along with Samskrit grammar, his other areas of interest are Samskrit Literature, Aesthetics in Samskrit Poetry, Indian Philosophy, Indian Classical Music, Vedas and Vedangas. 


  • PhD (Sanskrit Grammar, ongoing) MA (Vidwat Uttama), from Karnataka Samskrit University,Bengaluru BA (Vidwat Madhyama)

Areas of Teaching

  • Pāṇinian Grammar
  • Samskrit Poetic Literature
  • Indian Epics

Research Interests

  • Panininan Grammar
  • Indian Philosophy of Language


Unless we have a definite faith in the goal of our existence, and unless we believe, work for, and actually come to experience the goal positively as an existent factor, there is no hope of any plan becoming successful. —Swami Chinmayananda
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