Naresh KeerthiNaresh Keerthi
Assistant Professor
School of Linguistics and Literary Studies

Naresh Keerthi is working towards a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore and Manipal University. He holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Bangalore University.

Naresh’s doctoral research is centred on the variation in meaning in Sanskrit, and he looks at Sanskrit literature and lexicons to map meaning change. His doctoral research is on the polysemy of sensory terms in Sanskrit, with special emphasis on colour adjectives in Sanskrit. He is working on a historical thesaurus of Colour in Sanskrit.

 Naresh’s other major research area is metaphor and figurative language in Sanskrit, and its place in semantic, aesthetic and philosophical theories. He is also interested in examining the enmesh between the linguistic cultures of Sanskrit, Prakrit and Kannada –  by looking at belletristic, aesthetic and lexicographic material. 

At CEG, Naresh is teaching courses in Sanskrit literature, Alaṅkāraśāstra (poetics) and Sanskrit lexicography. He has been awarded the CSIR-UGC research fellowship and the Indian National Science Academy’s Young Historian of Science award (2016). Naresh’s translations from  Sanskrit, Prakrit and Kannada literature have been published in leading newspapers and journals.


  • PhD (Ongoing) Cognitive Linguistics – Manipal University
  • Msc – Biochemistry – Bangalore University; Bsc – Chemistry, Botany, Zoology – Bangalore University

Areas of Teaching

  • Sanskrit Literature and Alaṅkāraśāstra, Linguistics – Semantics and Lexicography, Translation

Research Interests

  • Metaphor Studies
  • Bhāṣā literature
  • Indian Music history and Musicology
  • History of Science

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