Core values



The personal quest that leads the individual to an appreciation of a higher Reality.

The philosophy of Vedanta and the wisdom of the saints have always guided humanity to this larger vision of life. Students will be encouraged to listen, read, and reflect upon such body of spiritual literature that is conducive to their inner refinement and self-unfoldment. All academics offered at the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth will therefore be aligned to encourage such a quest.



Communicating the wisdom of Indian knowledge systems through their source texts.

This will go a long way in nourishing ancient Indian knowledge traditions and creating living repositories who will in their turn nurture the tradition for the future. Knowledge of Sanskrit will be a key enabler for the study of original sources.



Relevance of the ancient to blend with the needs of a modern age.

While maintaining the highest degree of academic rigour, the University will specifically provide for courses and ideas and topics that will lead the student to finding a respectable living through gainful employment.



Sparking the intellect of the modern youth through conceptual and strategic innovation.

The University aims to transfer the wealth of many thousands of years through innovative pedagogy, teaching methodologies, content and nature of the programmes. The University will strive to be progressive, while retaining the continuity of current best practices.



Sri Swapnil Chaphekar Asst. Prof., School of Kala Yoga at #ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth's #Pune #Campus, Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula contributes articles on #Music in the #Mumbai edition of the leading #Marathi Daily Sakaal.

Here is article 03 in the series, published on 7th Sept 2018

Title: Taal Se Taal Mila

Covering 'Sur' and 'Tune' in earlier article, this article explores some more elements of a song, Laya and Tala. Rhythm is inevitable for any song, its a clock which binds the song in a particular tempo, which enhances the beauty of that song. The article gives simple tips to associate the listener with the rhythm of a song, also explains how to identify Tala, giving popular song examples.

Read the article here:
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प्रत्नानि नूत्नानि च शास्त्राणि – अर्थसार्थवाहाः संवादाः
(Śāstra and Discipline – Towards a meaningful dialogue)
‪17th to 19th December, 2018‬
Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth’s flagship conference, NFSI-2018, aims to explore the idea of a śāstra as a unit and a mode of disciplinary thought, and the intellectual apparatus and commitments that a śāstra entails. We also aim to understand the formation and practice of disciplinary traditions in all possible realms, as well as their expression today, which includes domains such as the translation and teaching of śāstras. NFSI-2018 thus invites participation from śāstric scholars, academicians and researchers interested in contributing to this discourse.

Within this context, the conference will touch upon the following themes -

· Building disciplinary identities and forging traditions of thought
· Cross-fertilization between śāstra-s
· Boundaries and margins – Pandits’ śāstra, commoners’ śāstra
· Śāstra in other languages – lost in translation, gained in translation
· Śāstrādhyayana – teaching and learning a śāstra in the digital age
· Past and present – the continued relevance of classical lore

For more info:


#ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth #Sanskrit #Flagship #conference #NFSI2018
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Introducing 'पदामृतम्', a new #weekly series on #Sanskrit words and their meanings/ usage/ etymology and so on.

Our Professors often come across interesting words as they read the Sanskrit literature. पदामृतम् brings you such content as shared by our faculty.

The first in the series is posted here.

मां ज्वरतः कुरु - Cure me from fever
मां कासतः कुरु - Cure me from cough
मां प्रवाहिकातः कुरु - Cure me from dysentry

ज्वरतः, कासतः, प्रवाहिकातः these words were derived after suffixing 'तसि' to the words related to diseases ज्वर, कास, प्रवाहिका etc. The Paninian rule for this is रोगाच्चापनयने (5/4/49) which means रोगवाचिनः षष्ठ्यन्तात् वा तसिश्चिकित्सायाम् । (apply the suffix तसि to the word expressing disease when the meaning required is 'cure').

So, if we need to ask somebody for a cure from some disease, we can use this natural form of Sanskrit other than using some other expression.


Content Courtesy: Prof. Vinayak Rajat Bhat

#ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth #CVV #LearnSanskrit
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4 days ago

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

'YOUNG PEOPLE AND MENTAL HEALTH IN A CHANGING WORLD' - this was the theme of the World Mental Health Day 2018. Based on this theme, students of #CVV BA Applied Psychology organised an event on October 10, to raise awareness of mental health issues in our campus and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

The students organised a #flashmob, enacted a skit and put up a poster exhibition based on this year's theme.

Sharing glimpses.
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4 days ago

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

CVV’s Outreach Programme began with its first Principals’ meet on October 8, 2018 when 45 participants from 31 schools and colleges from all over Kerala gathered at Crowne Plaza, Ernakulam for an orientation session with the CVV Faculty and Staff members.

The programme began with the customary invocation of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Sarasvati and the universal prayer for amity, and the traditional lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and invitees.

After the welcome address by Anupama S., the all informative presentation on “Why CVV?” was put forth by Campus Director, Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula, Kochi Campus, Sri N M Sundar and this was followed by detailed presentations of the unique Undergraduate courses by Professors Krishna Mohan, Hari Sundar, Anil Narayanan and Vinayak Rajat Bhat.

Prof Krishna Mohan also explained in detail about the proposed psychometric analysis of the aptitude of 12th standard students which will enable them choose the right subjects to study at the UG level.

Dr B. Ashok, Registrar, CVV, expressed holistic ideas about integrating the curriculum with the employment opportunities which are continuously evolving. He emphasized on the need for secondary schools to involve the expertise of the CVV team to help them guide their students’ future academic goals.

The Q&A session saw proactive participation by the guests. We are pleased to inform that CVV presentations at a few institutions were confirmed at the venue.
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It is #CVV's #Weekly #Sanskrit #Prahelika time!

Crack the #riddle for today and post your answers as comments. Come back here for the answer tomorrow.

जन्मवेला निशा शीता तृणदोलागतः शये।
रम्या मौक्तिकशोभा मे मा मा स्पृश म्रिये सकृत्॥

I am born in the cold night;
I sleep on the swing of the grass;
My beautiful look is like that of pearl;
Don't touch me for if you touch me, I will vanish immediately.

Content Courtesy: Prof. Charusheela Belapurkar

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7 days ago

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

The Psychology Laboratory is an important part of psychology programmes at #ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth and used for teaching, research activities and consultancy. The lab is used for students’ practicals, demonstrations sessions and experimental research, and is a unique and high quality resource for both research and teaching purposes. Students conduct experiments and gather data using various psychophysics instruments and psychological tests to gain research skills and professional experience. Experimental Psychology and Psychometrics is an important component of BA Applied Psychology Programme and students learn many concepts related to cognitive psychology and biopsychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology and applications of psychological principles in various situations.

The CVV Psychology Lab was inaugurated by Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, Dean and VC-in-charge, #CVV, on 4th October 2018. The special invitee Prof. Urmi Biswas, senior professor of Psychology at The M.S University, #Baroda spoke about the importance of psychology lab for students and researchers. Dr. Sreenath, Director, Psychotronics, Bangalore demonstrated the few instruments. Dr. Sreenathan, Academic Director, Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) and visiting professor to teach Biopsychology course also addressed the gathering. The opening ceremony was presided by Dr. Ashok, B., Registrar, CVV. Prof. K. Krishna Mohan thanked the management for the support and all those involved in the establishment of the lab. Faculty members and students participated in the ceremony.
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1 week ago

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth

#ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth Students participated in various competitions at 'Visishta 2018 - Inter-college Fest', organised by Bhavan’s College of Arts & Commerce, Kakkanad, October 4th 2018.

The competitions were held in six different fields like Spot Dancing, Group Dance, Treasure Hunt, DSLR Photography, Mobile Photography, Football, Zen Doodling and Nail Art. A number of distinguished guests from the college governing body and other educational institutions graced the event.

Team #CVV began well and moved victoriously from the opening rounds to the next level of many events. CVV's Bharata Club won the second prize in the group dance. Their fluid and graceful dance steps along with their vibrant costumes were well appreciated. They chose the theme of 'Spring'.

Sharing some pictures here.


Nail Art :
Rashmi Krishnan

Treasure Hunt:

Sarang B Narayan (BCOM)
Aditya S Menon (BBA)
Deekshita M (BA Sanskrit)
Niyama Natarajan (Psy)
Ashwin Reji (BCOM)

Mobile Photography:

Akash Nambiar (BCom) 2nd Year


Seethalakshmi Suresh (Psy)
Keerthy (Psy)

TICITAKA (football):

Jyothis (Psy)
Akhilesh (BCOM)
Raj Singh (BBA)
Anil Babu (BBA)
Kips Appa (BCOM)
Sanjit Ramakrishnan (BCOM)
Harikrishnan (BBA)2nd Year
Sreehari B (BCOM)
Gauri Shankar (BCOM)
Abhishek S Kumar (BCOM)
Srihari Sugu (BBA)2nd Year

Group Dance:

Anagha Pradeep (BA Sanskrit)
Sradha Hari (BA Sanskrit)
Athira KV ( BCom )
Shreeya Sabukumar ( BA Psychology)
Aashika Aanie Kuruvilla (BA Psychology )
Keerthana K R (BA Psychology )
Aiswarya P Nair (BA Psychology )
Amritha Sai Vasudevan (BCom)
Akshaya Iyer (BA Psychology)
Balaharani (BBA)
Vismaya K V (B Com )
Nandhini Y (B Com )
Sharmila Desak (BA Psychology )s
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This week's #Sanskrit #Prahelika is here. Post your answers in the comments section and come back here tomorrow to know the answer.


विष्णोः का बल्लभा देवी लोकत्रितयचारिणी। वर्णावाद्यन्तिमौ दत्त्वा कः शब्दः तुल्यवाचकः।।

Who is the wife of Vishnu, one who roams around all the three Lokas? Having added the letter at the beginning and the end of that word you will get the word which means "Same".


Prahelika Courtesy: Prof. Vinayak Rajat

#CVV #ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth #Weekly #Riddle
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Sri Swapnil Chaphekar, Asst. Prof., School of Kala Yoga at #ChinmayaVishwavidyapeeth's #Pune #Campus, Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula, contributes articles on #Music in the #Mumbai edition of the leading #Marathi Daily Sakaal.

Here is article 02 in the series: He Suranno Chandra Vha - हे सुरांनो चन्द्र व्हा...

A song consists of different elements. When poetry is mixed with the musical notes, its emotional impact increases and it becomes more appealing and enjoyable.

This article is about sur (notes) which create a tune or melody of songs. The listeners should follow the graph of this tune to get maximum joy of the song.

Read the article here:
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Sri Swapnil Chaphekar, Asst. Prof. at #CVV's #Pune #Campus, @CVV_CNBG, contributes articles on #Music in the #Mumbai edition of the leading #Marathi Daily Sakaal. Read article 03 in the series titled 'Taal Se Taal Mila' on

Unless we have a definite faith in the goal of our existence, and unless we believe, work for, and actually come to experience the goal positively as an existent factor, there is no hope of any plan becoming successful. —Swami Chinmayananda
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