Prof.  Ramakrishna Pejathaya

Ramakrishna PejathayaProf. Ramakrishna Pejathaya
Asst. Professor

Prof. Ramakrishna Pejathaya is one of the handful of contemporary youth having the knowledge of Triskandha Jyotisha. He is well-versed in the quite popular art of Ashtavadhana, which is mastered by a few. His compositions are appreciated highly by many poetics and are being published in many esteemed magazines.
He has written many creative and research articles on Jyotisha, Sanskrit Literature & Sanatana Sanskriti in Sanskrit & Kannada.

Prof Pejathaya has authored शेखरवैशिष्ट्यम्, Self-study Material for the text जातकालङ्कारः & Maharshi Panini (in Kannada). He has also been part of the editorial board of many books. Being significantly interested in the classical form of Sanskrit, he is doing many observational & teaching works on this matter. He has also guided many, at numerous Teacher Training Programmes held at various places in India.

Prof Pejathaya learned Jyotisha through traditional means at श्रीमन्मध्वसिद्धान्तप्रबोधकस्नातकस्नातकोत्तराध्ययनकेन्द्रम्, Udupi and secured Vidwat degree in the same. He presented his research work श्रीपतिविरचितस्य सिद्धान्तशेखरस्य समीक्षात्मकम् अध्ययनम् under the guidance of Prof. A. Sripad Bhat (Professor in Jyotisha, RSVP, Tirupati) and was awarded his PhD from RSVP Tirupati.

He started his profession as Lecturer in SMSP Sanskrit College Udupi and served there for three years. He later moved to Rajiv Gandhi Campus of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Sringeri as Lecturer in Jyotisha for almost seven years. Many of his students secured medals in various state & sational level competitions.

Areas of specialization 
Jyotisha (Indian Astrology & Astronomy)
Sanskrit Literature

PhD (RSVP Tirupati)

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Unless we have a definite faith in the goal of our existence, and unless we believe, work for, and actually come to experience the goal positively as an existent factor, there is no hope of any plan becoming successful. —Swami Chinmayananda
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