Financial Aid for Student Scholarships

For Student Applicants


Meritorious students who are eligible for admission into the programmes at the university, from the economically weaker sections of society, will not be deprived of higher education for want of the financial means to do so.


  • Students who have been granted admission on merit, can apply for scholarship to the university, with such information as prescribed or called for by the university.
  • The Financial Aids Committee will evaluate the student’s need for scholarship based on their family income, past track-record and the fee payable for the programme in which they are granted admission.
  • Scholarships will be applicable only for the fee payable for the programme. All additional costs over and above the fee; including but not limited to personal expenses, travel, participation in university events etc will have to be borne by the students.
  • Students will also fund the refundable caution money deposit from their own sources. The caution money shall be refunded to the student on completion of their degree/diploma for which admitted.
  • Scholarships can be for 30%, 50% or 100% of the fees, as decided by the Financial Aids Committee.
  • Students will be assigned to a specific scholarship in which they are awarded.
  • Scholarship will be eligible for any programme at the university;however, the university encourages scholarships for the 5-year Integrated Masters programmes under the Gurukula mode.
  • The fee-chart for Indian students for programmes offered in 2017-20 or 2017-22 batch are as follows: –


At Kochi Campus At Pune Campus
Programme Name Fee payable Programme Name Fee payable
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) – 3 years 1,33,000

per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A. (Hindustani Vocal) – 5 years 1,43,000

per annum

B Com (Bachelor of

Commerce) – 3 years


per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A.-(Hindustani Bansuri)–5 years 1,43,000

per annum

B.A. (Bachelors – Sanskrit-Vyakarana) – 3 years 1,29,000

per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A.-(Hindustani Violin)–5 years 1,43,000

per annum

B.A. (Bachelors – Sanskrit-Darshanas) – 3 years 1,29,000

per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A. – (Tabla)–5 years 1,43,000

per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A. (Sanskrit-Vyakarana)–5 years 1,33,000

per annum

Integrated Masters – M.A. (Advaita Vedanta)–5 years 1,33,000

per annum


  • Scholarship will apply for the full-length of the programme. An agreement will be entered into by the university with the student undertaking the scholarship for the length of the programme.
  • Students seeking scholarships will have to apply in the prescribed format, enclosing copies of Income Tax returns of their parent(s)/guardian(s) for the last 3 years with copy of the bank statement for the last 18 months.
  • Students with a past track record of having availed scholarship during schooling or higher secondary education should provide copies of the scholarship grant letters.
  • Scholarship amount will be paid by the sponsor to the university, the student shall not be entitled to receive the scholarship amount directly.
  • Continuation of scholarships year-on-year, shall be subject to the student achieving academic grades as prescribed by the university management, at each evaluation.The scholarship amount may also vary depending on academic performance criteria that may be fixed by the university management.
  • Independent of the above, applicants who have been offered admission in the university may avail scholarships from their own sources or contacts or institutions supporting their higher education. It shall be the responsibility of the student-applicant to ensure that their fee is paid on the applicable due dates by their sponsors. The university shall not be responsible for the same.


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